Our program is unique in several ways including it’s flexibility, content, and projects.

The PowerHouse Program has a “deferred tuition” model. This means that you do not pay tuition until you are employed as a software developer upon completion of the program. It is a shared risk and we only succeed when you do.

We accept applicants on a rolling basis. You can apply at anytime as a student. If your application looks promising, we will reach out to you for a personal interview.

We love candidates with passion and potential so it’s important that is visible in your application.

If you have any questions about the admissions process or tuition for the program, please feel free to contact us at admissions@powerhousetech.co.

The PowerHouse Program is located in Charleston, SC and offers a flexible schedule to help acommodate a wide variety of students.

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There is a $500 deposit if you do not want a new laptop and a $1000 deposit if you would like a laptop provided for you.

Tuition is $2000.00 a month or $12,000.00 total.

Since tuition is deferred you don’t pay anything until you are employed as a developer at PowerHouse or another company.

Once employed, tuition is paid as 15% of your salary on a monthly basis until the $12,000.00 is paid in full.

You can also pay the full tuition upfront or on a monthly basis if you do not intend to work as a developer after your complete the program.