There are a lot of companies talking about how to improve diversity today, but diversity is going to be a hard problem to solve.

48,850 New Tech Jobs are expected in 2018

28,389 Computer Science degrees are awarded annually

5,451 Computer Science degrees are awarded to women

50% of those women will leave their jobs within the first year.

A year into a new career and you can pretty easily see that there is a small fish in a big ocean.

It’s not just a “pipeline” issue either. Culture can make retention and career growth a challenge.

Two-thirds of women reported having to prove themselves repeatedly

72% of women perceive bias in performance reviews

32% of women say they will leave their job within a year vs. 22% of men

A significant percentage of women feel isolated.

34% reported pressure at work to play stereotypical roles

53% of women reported backlash for being outspoken

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