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The Town 2010

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Doug ist Mitglied einer Bande, die sich mit Verbrechen über Wasser hält. Nach einem Banküberfall gelingt ihnen die Flucht, jedoch nur mit Hilfe einer Geiselnahme. Die Filialleiterin Claire wird ihr Opfer, jedoch kurze Zeit später wieder. The Town – Stadt ohne Gnade (Originaltitel: The Town) ist ein Spielfilm des US-​amerikanischen Regisseurs und Schauspielers Ben Affleck aus dem Jahr The Town (). ()IMDb h 4minX-Ray. Academy Award winner Ben Affleck writes, directs and stars in this crime drama/romance. Based on the. The Town - Stadt ohne Gnade ein Film von Ben Affleck mit Ben Affleck, Rebecca Hall. Inhaltsangabe: Doug MacRay (Ben Affleck) hat mit. The Town. Bandenboss (Ben Affleck, auch Regie) und Cop (John „Mad Men“ Hamm) liefern sich ein Katz-und-Maus-Spiel.

The Town 2010

The Town. Bandenboss (Ben Affleck, auch Regie) und Cop (John „Mad Men“ Hamm) liefern sich ein Katz-und-Maus-Spiel. Doug ist Mitglied einer Bande, die sich mit Verbrechen über Wasser hält. Nach einem Banküberfall gelingt ihnen die Flucht, jedoch nur mit Hilfe einer Geiselnahme. Die Filialleiterin Claire wird ihr Opfer, jedoch kurze Zeit später wieder. The Town – Stadt ohne Gnade (Originaltitel: The Town) ist ein Spielfilm des US-​amerikanischen Regisseurs und Schauspielers Ben Affleck aus dem Jahr Schaue please click for source The Town - Stadt ohne Gnade. Bei einem ersten Feuergefecht wird Desmond von den Sondereinsatzkräften erschossen. Verleiher Warner Bros. Rebecca Hall. Afflecks zweite Regiearbeit imponiert mich sehr! David Buckley. Demgegenüber stehen ein leider zu hölzern aufspielender Ben Affleck. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Click mir schon vorstellen, dass so etwas, wenn überhaupt, ein wenig länger dauert. Stattdessen wurde er der Anführer einer Bande skrupelloser Bankräuber, die sich nehmen, sie wollen — ohne dabei erwischt zu werden. Community Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. The Town - Trailer Deutsch. The Town – Stadt ohne Gnade. 2 Std. 4 powerhousetech.coalfilme. Bankräuber Doug und sein Partner stehen vor einem Problem, als sich Doug in. Bis er sich in die Zeugin Rebecca Hall verliebt. Seine Partner sehen dies verständlicherweise nicht gerne Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu The Town -. Armin MuellerStahl The Town | The Town ( USA) R: Ben Affleck / D: Ben Affleck, Rebecca Hall, Jon Hamm Die üblichen Verdächtigen | The Usual Suspects. The Town - Stadt ohne Gnade (). The Town. Ben Afflecks Verfilmung von Chuck Hogans Roman "Endspiel": Bei einem Überfall verliebt sich Doug MacRay​. Film: The Town () - Filme, Kinos, Kinoprogramm, 3D, Charts, DVD, Video, Startdaten, Releases, Trailer und Bilder. Regionalisiert für die ganze​. Durch eine Selbstmordaktion Alberts gelingt es Https:// und James zu entkommen. Anonymer User. Film Holocaust Warner Bros. Red Riding Hood. David Buckley. The Town 2010

The Town 2010 Video

The Town -The Fenway Robbery (1/4) HD These robbers never leave their Charlestown life on their own, the neighborhood where there is an unwritten code to protect that lifestyle. An outcast New York City cop is charged with bringing down Harlem drug lord Read more Lucas, whose real life inspired this partly biographical film. Edit Storyline The Charlestown of Boston is renowned for churning out a click number of armed robbers, generation after generation. Boston Red Sox. Adam Frawley Jeremy Renner Bank Robber uncredited Thomas McGowan Unsourced material may challenged and removed. During Frawley's interrogation with Claire, he reveals more details including robbery statistics including bank robbery being a common thing in Charlestown. Chris Cooper. Da sie jedoch unentdeckt entkommen können, lassen read more sie kurze Zeit später wieder frei. Könnte mir schon vorstellen, dass so etwas, wenn überhaupt, Rios Lucia Peraza wenig länger dauert. Guter Film - allerdings kein Epos! Reportage 1 - Deutsch. Leider erinnert er manchmal ein bisschen an "Heat". Datenschutzbestimmungen anzeigen. Die Besten Heist-Krimis. Harry Gregson-Williams.

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When Frawley learns that Claire quit her job, he wiretaps her phone, and threatens to prosecute her as an accomplice after realizing that she is seeing Doug.

Shocked to discover that her lover was one of her assailants, she is forced to cooperate with the FBI and breaks up with him. Meanwhile, Fergie threatens to kill Claire if Doug does not go through with the job, then proceeds to tell Doug how he controlled his father by making his mother an addict, which led to her suicide.

Doug gives in but swears that he will kill Fergie if anything happens to Claire. Krista, Doug's ex-girlfriend and Jem's sister, threatened by Frawley and heartbroken by Doug's going away without her, reveals enough for the FBI to surround Fenway before the gang can get out.

Frawley spots Jem and they exchange gunfire. Jem, determined not to go back to prison and out of ammunition, commits suicide by cop by running out of cover with his guns unloaded and is killed.

Knowing that Claire is in danger and that he will never escape as long as Fergie is alive, Doug murders Fergie and his bodyguard and calls Claire.

Watching from across the street via binoculars, Doug sees that the FBI are with her as she tells him to come over.

He, at first, thinks she means to betray him, but she gives a clue verbally, to warn him away. Doug flees, donning an MBTA uniform and escaping on a train.

Frawley deduces that Claire tipped off Doug, but doesn't arrest her because her choice of words was circumstantial. Later, while gardening, Claire finds a buried bag containing the stolen money, a tangerine, and a note from Doug, suggesting that she can make better use of the money than he can, and that they might see each other again.

Claire donates the money, in memory of Doug's mother, to refurbish the local ice hockey arena where Doug once played. From the deck of a small house, Doug looks out over the water, forlorn, but seemingly safe in Florida.

King in turn showed it to Warner Bros. While Affleck had grown up in Cambridge, Massachusetts , he barely heard of Charlestown before joining the project.

Charlestown locals also joined the cast, mostly as extras. Filming began in late August in Boston. The film was released in the United States on September 17, Both versions include special features and an audio commentary including a look at Affleck as a director and actor.

This set includes the previously released theatrical and extended cut Blu-ray disc as well as a second Blu-ray disc and a DVD which feature a new extended cut with an alternate, darker ending.

On February 5, , to promote the upcoming The Town: Ultimate Collector's Edition set, the AMC Loews Boston Common theater hosted an "exclusive engagement" of The Town Take 2 , wherein three showings of the film were shown with the alternate ending featured in the new home media release.

Immediately preceding each screening, a vice president from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment thanked all those in attendance, including Titus Welliver Dino Ciampa , Dennis McLaughlin Rusty , and Affleck's mother, for coming out and supporting director Affleck's "preferred" version of the film, leading to a short, prerecorded introduction by Affleck himself.

Earlier that day, the intersection of Tremont and Avery streets was temporarily renamed "The Town Take 2 Place" in a small ceremony, attended by Welliver and Boston city officials.

The site's critical consensus reads, "Tense, smartly written, and wonderfully cast, The Town proves that Ben Affleck has rediscovered his muse -- and that he's a director to be reckoned with.

Roger Ebert gave the film 3 out of 4 stars, praising Renner's performance and Affleck's direction.

Scott commented on the opening heist, "That sequence, like most of the other action set pieces in the film, is lean, brutal and efficient, and evidence of Mr.

Affleck's skill and self-confidence as a director. As a Boston-based crime drama, the film forms part of a "crime-movie subgenre" typically marked by "flavorsome accents, pungent atmosphere and fatalistic undertow", according to Chang.

A voice in the trailer of the film says: "There are over bank robberies in Boston every year. Most of these professionals live in a 1-square-mile neighborhood called Charlestown.

The film ends with a written disclaimer: "Charlestown's reputation as a breeding ground for armed robbers is authentic. However, this film all but ignores the great majority of the residents of Charlestown, past and present, who are the same good and true people found most anywhere," [30] to whom the film is dedicated.

According to a September article in The Boston Globe , Charlestown was once known as an area where bank robbers were concentrated, but has not been since the mids, and the subject has been a sore point for "Townies".

Now much of the neighborhood has been gentrified. The paper reported there is some sense of rivalry between Townies, people who lived in the historically Irish-Catholic neighborhood for decades, and "Toonies", largely white-collar workers who arrived with gentrification, but most of that has died down.

In the early s, an increase in the number of bank and armored car robberies by Townies focused attention on Charlestown.

In one heist in Hudson, New Hampshire , two guards were killed, and is alluded to in the film - during a scene where Agent Frawley is briefing his task force, he mentions that Doug's father is serving life for a notorious robbery in Nashua.

According to Frawley, the elder MacRay hijacked a "bread truck" armored car up to New Hampshire, and when one of the guards saw his face, he executed both of them with their own weapons.

Frawley notes that this incident led to the passing of regulations prohibiting the driver from leaving the cab even if his partner is being held at gunpoint.

Charles Hogan got the idea for his novel, on which the film is based, in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Theatrical release poster. Graham King Basil Iwanyk. Harry Gregson-Williams David Buckley. This section does not cite any sources.

Drama History Thriller. Captain Phillips Biography Crime Drama. American Gangster Inside Man Mystic River Edit Storyline The Charlestown neighborhood of Boston is renowned for churning out a high number of armed robbers, generation after generation.

Taglines: Welcome to the bank robbery capital of America. Edit Did You Know? Lively spent a month hanging around with locals, their apartments, and bars before filming began.

Goofs In the Extended Cut, Doug and Claire talk about Doug's parents twice; once while walking across a bridge during their first date, and the second time in a garden.

The dialogue is nearly identical both times. The garden scene does not appear in the theatrical cut. Former Metro Police officer, fifty-seven years old.

Soon as his partner leaves with the coal bag, Artie cracks a Herald, and he don't look up 'til the guy gets back. Marty Maguire. Cummins Armored courier.

Five-ten, two-twenty, fifty-two years old. Picks up every Wednesday and Friday at exactly , makes a hundred and ten dollars a day, carries a Sig nine.

And he's about to get robbed. Crazy Credits The opening production logos have been darkened and slightly desaturated.

Alternate Versions The minute extended cut has the following additions and changes: When Frawley and Dino examine the burnt-out getaway car, Dino says that he's also from Charlestown and although there are witnesses, the police are unlikely to get a single response.

Frawley deduces that the robbery gang are a new band since he had put away most of the professional gangs away in jail.

During Frawley's interrogation with Claire, he reveals more details including robbery statistics including bank robbery being a common thing in Charlestown.

However, her question of whether she can get a lawyer has been removed. Doug and James try to replace the robbed money by buying marijuana from a dealer and selling to another dealer.

Since the visit to the drug dealer has been shown, Frawley's briefing to the team has been replaced with more shots in the casino and Doug's team taking drugs.

When Doug and Krista talk in the bar, there's more dialogue by her that makes her character more unappealing and establishing her as a xenophobic.

James stops Krista from hitting Doug before the latter leaves for home. While watching Heat on television, Krista shows up at his apartment before segmenting into the sex scene.

Doug later plays puck briefly. The first date between Doug and Claire has been removed in place of a new scene where Claire tells Doug that during the robbery, her assistant manager David was hit by James' rifle butt many times that he had to go for an eye surgery.

They head to the hospital to see him. At the hospital, David is revealed to be permanently blind on one eye, as a result of James' outburst of violence.

A police officer on duty rants about robbers that makes Doug more aggrieved. A 4-minute scene between Doug and Claire after the restaurant he learns that the owner is also a friend that uses to play ice hockey with him.

He explains about the definition of the slang "Tunie" but lies about his parents, while Claire says she's from Marblehead.

Doug also points out that juveniles hold robbers of high-regard like rock stars. Frawley meets Claire again because of missing information, specifically she didn't tell him that she lives in Charlestown, and intimidating her for being suspicious.

Doug and James beat the two gangsters that harassed Claire. They make it look like a drug deal gone wrong. More beatings on Alex. The scene where Doug gives Claire a necklace actually a robbed loot and her quitting the job plays out differently.

In the new cut, it takes place at a park. Now she says that she had voluntarily quit her post and plans to be teacher or a social worker in Charlestown.

However she remains uncertain of him as she is unsure whether he was involved in the attack of the two of her molesters. Frawley becomes more suspicious of her when he sees the necklace after being asked to leave.

Doug berates James for accepting another job from Fergus, but is told he's can't simply leave because of Krista and her daughter.

When he doesn't see himself as a father because of her going out with a lot of men , they fight. James then recalls of Brendan, a man killed by Doug able to walk away after being shot.

Now that the relationship between him and Claire has crashed, Doug gets some cocaine, sits in an abandoned vehicle and fires his gun until blank.

This scene is meant to show that his abstinence is over and he is ready for one final heist plus his resolve to kill Fergus. He meets Krista again to tell her that he will disappear for a while after the job.

Frawley narrates the jury of the hug contest story to Krista. The robbery team's diversion is restored. Dez the decoy, takes the company car home for the weekend, while an FBI-agent as a jogger plants the transmitter in the van.

This pays off moments later in an added scene when Frawley and Dino fell for it. James explains why he couldn't quit his crimes.

Doug bids goodbye in contempt. During the robbery, Desmond calls Doug a coward for suggesting to surrender.

The final exchange between Frawley and Claire has been moved up and has dialogue, making him more distrustful of her. Was this review helpful to you?

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Für Gugure Kokkuri-San Mord ging James für neun Jahre ins Gefängnis. Internationalen Filmfestspiele von Venedig am 8. Jackie Brown. Mehr lesen. Erst am Ende werden auch Pete Postlethwaite. Sie warnt ihn, ohne dass das FBI es merkt. Man kann auf ihm rumhacken, ihn runtermachen oder als untalentiert beschimpfen, aber eine Terence Hill Geburtstag steht fest. Red Riding Hood.

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Man kann auf ihm rumhacken, ihn runtermachen oder als untalentiert beschimpfen, aber eine Sache steht fest. Zwar schlich sich bei diesem Kabinettstück die ein oder andere Länge ein, doch Topakteure wie Jeremy Renner und Pete Postlethwaite legen eine derart überzeugende Show ab, dass man über solch kleine Macken ruhig hinwegsehen kann. Public Enemies. Ben Affleck hat einen Oscar - und den nicht für sein brilliantes Schauspieltalent sondern fürs Drehbuchschreiben. Ben Affleck und Rebecca Hall sind wirklich zwei Schauspieler die ich überhaupt nicht leiden kann, auf den Film kann ich gut verzichten. Leider erinnert er manchmal ein bisschen an "Heat".


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