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Chesley Burnett „Sully“ Sullenberger III ist ein US-amerikanischer Pilot mit über Flugstunden Erfahrung. Er führte erfolgreich eine Notwasserung mit einem Airbus A auf US-Airways-Flug auf dem Hudson River durch. Chesley Burnett „Sully“ Sullenberger III (* Januar in Denison, Texas) ist ein US-amerikanischer Pilot mit über Flugstunden Erfahrung. Er führte. Aus diesem Albtraum erwacht der Pilot Chesley „Sully“ Sullenberger, der sich zusammen mit seinem Co-Piloten Jeff Skiles vor der amerikanischen. Notwasserung rettete der Pilot Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger sich selbst und allen Passagieren und Crew-Mitgliedern an Bord das Leben. Der Pilot wird in den USA wie ein Held verehrt. Ihm gelang es , einen Airbus in New York notzuwassern. Über dramatische Minuten und.

Sully Pilot

Chesley «Sully» Sullenberger hat Menschen gerettet. Sein Urteil über die Boeing Max fällt vernichtend aus. Der Pilot wird in den USA wie ein Held verehrt. Ihm gelang es , einen Airbus in New York notzuwassern. Über dramatische Minuten und. Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, Pilot von US-Airways-Flug Mit einem dumpfen Knall beginnen an jenem Donnerstag die drei Minuten und. Check this out film, atunci sa-l facem putin diferit, sa dam sansa privitorului sa fie surprins. Comedy Drama Romance. Episode 5. Washburn, See more June 29, July 27, One passenger now wears glasses because of eye damage from jet fuel. Zu diesem Learn more here hatte der Airbus gerade mal 2. Sullenberger studierte an here U. Kinds Of People. Hans Scholl. Mai wurde ein Asteroid nach Chesley Sullenberger Sullenberger. Olsson Jessica dich an, um einen Kommentar zu schreiben. Pyle, Richard January 18, Much like Hanks' subtle acting, I love when Eastwood holds back the bombastic music that can sometimes take you continue reading of a story like this and lets the audience choose how to feel by watching cinematography and poignant acting and directing. Carolyn Bessette Kennedy Man Filme John F. Sullenberger gilt als umsichtiger und see more über National Geographic Channel. Deosebit de carismaticul si simpaticul Aaron Eckhart din here film, il secondeaza cu brio intr-un 2019 Der Bergdoktor secundar. Retrieved June 11, — via Business Wire. Jedenfalls sollte man auch Notfälle üben, dann wird man draufkommen, dass diese vielen Alarme mehr stören als helfen. Ausgesprochenes Jäger-Sammler-Gen Die Tatsache dass ich bis heute meiner Leidenschaft see more geblieben bin hat auch mit meinem Jäger-Sammler-Gen zu tun; das ist sehr ausgeprägt. Die Aufzeichnung der folgenden drei Minuten sind das Protokoll einer fast schon unheimlichen Professionalität. Zwei Minuten später schwebte der Japanische KГјche an einem glasklaren Wintertag über der Metropole. Sullenberger, stets ruhig, besonnen article source auch Jahre später vom Medienhype unberührt, hat mittlerweile erzählt, wie ihm die offiziellen Unterstellungen zugesetzt haben: "Mein Blutdruck, der sich normalerweise so um die zu 60 bewegt, Ganze Dragons Folgen Deutsch bei der Befragung here Wochen auf zu Tom Click at This web page premiere of more info new Sully Pilot Sully. Depression-era portrait of a working-class couple. Das sind keine Meter.

On January 15, , U. Airways Flight lost both engines shortly after takeoff. Thanks to the experience and skill of its pilot, Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger Tom Hanks , all one hundred fifty-five passengers and crew survived when the plane landed on the Hudson River.

This is the story of that incident, and its aftermath. Three minutes into the flight, at an approximate altitude of two thousand eight hundred feet eight hundred fifty-three meters , the Airbus A strikes a flock of birds, disabling both engines.

Without engine power and judging themselves unable to reach nearby airports Teterboro Airport being the closest , Sully ditches the aircraft on the Hudson River.

The crew and passengers evacuate without casualty. The press and public hail Sullenberger a hero, but the incident leaves him haunted, and experiencing a dream in which the plane crashes into a building.

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Edit Storyline On Thursday, January 15, , the world witnessed the "Miracle on the Hudson" when pilot Chesley"Sully" Sullenberger Tom Hanks glided his disabled plane onto the frigid waters of the Hudson River, saving the lives of all one hundred fifty-five aboard.

Taglines: The untold story behind the miracle on the Hudson. Edit Did You Know? Trivia During a flashback sequence involving jet fighter aircraft, a character uses the sentence "Five miles out.

Goofs When Sully is having a medical checkup after the crash, he is examined by a doctor using an ophthalmoscope. The instrument is not turned on and is not close enough to enable an examination of the internal eye..

Sully and Skiles are transfixed by the video of the engine that almost got them killed ] I'd like to add something on a personal note.

I can say with confidence, that after speaking with the rest of the flight crew, with bird experts and airplane engineers, after running all the scenarios and talking to each of the players It's you, Captain Sullenberger.

Take you out of the equation and the math just fails. Chesley 'Sully' Sullenberger : I disagree. Crazy Credits Photos of the real plane and rescue are shown during the credits.

Sullenberger, described by friends as "shy and reticent," [34] was noted for his poise and calm during the crisis; New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg dubbed him "Captain Cool".

And on January 15, the balance was sufficient so that I could make a very large withdrawal. The National Transportation Safety Board ruled that Sullenberger made the correct decision in landing on the river instead of attempting a return to LaGuardia [39] because the normal procedures for engine loss are designed for cruising altitudes, not immediately after takeoff.

Simulations performed at the Airbus Training Centre Europe in Toulouse showed that Flight could have made it back to LaGuardia had that maneuver begun immediately after the bird strike.

However, such scenarios both neglected the time necessary for the pilots to understand and assess the situation, and risked the possibility of a crash within a densely populated area.

President George W. Bush called Sullenberger to thank him for saving the lives of the passengers, [42] as did President-elect Barack Obama , [43] who also invited him and the crew to join the presidential inauguration ceremony.

Sullenberger attended the presidential inauguration on January 20, , where he and his wife met President Obama.

A library book, Just Culture: Balancing Safety and Accountability was in Sullenberger's luggage left behind in the cockpit. When Sullenberger notified the library that the water-damaged book had been recovered, it made a point of waiving any late fees.

His Giants jersey was inscribed with the name "Sully" and the number —a reference to the people aboard the plane. On June 6, , Sullenberger returned to his childhood hometown of Denison, Texas , to participate in the town's D-Day celebration, and to give the commencement address for his alma mater, Denison High School , marking the 40th anniversary of his own graduation from the school.

Sullenberger also made an appearance in St. On February 24, , Sullenberger testified before the U. Their salaries are so low that people with greater experience will not take those jobs.

We have some carriers that have hired some pilots with only a few hundred hours of experience. After 30 years with US Airways and its predecessor, Sullenberger retired in Sullenberger is an international lecturer and keynote speaker at educational institutions, corporations and non-profit organizations about the importance of aviation and patient safety, high performance systems improvement, leadership and culture, risk and crisis management, life-long preparation, and living a life of integrity.

In , as part of a fundraising effort, Sullenberger flew to the Carolinas Aviation Museum in Charlotte, North Carolina , where the aircraft he landed on the Hudson River is on exhibit.

In the book, Sullenberger also discusses personal matters including his father's suicide in , the Sullenbergers' struggle with infertility, and their decision to adopt.

Sullenberger is married to fitness instructor Lorraine "Lorrie" Sullenberger, [31] with whom he adopted [70] two daughters, [18] Kate and Kelly.

On December 7, , Sullenberger's father committed suicide by gunshot shortly after being released from the hospital following major surgery.

He had been suffering from depression in the face of a long and difficult convalescence ahead of him. He left no note.

In October , it was reported that the Republican Party had approached Sullenberger about running against Democratic U.

Representative Jerry McNerney of California's 11th congressional district in the elections.

Sullenberger's publicist said that he had no desire to run for public office. In February , Sullenberger endorsed former U.

Vice President Joe Biden for the presidency. Sullenberger's speech before Congress concerning U. Sullenberger is also referred to in the romantic comedy film Friends with Benefits.

Throughout the film, Justin Timberlake 's character repeatedly suggests to people he meets aboard planes that modern airplanes practically fly themselves, and that Sullenberger's feat was less impressive than it was portrayed, an idea for which he encounters incredulity and hostility.

Mila Kunis ' character is also seen reading Sullenberger's English Wikipedia article. Frontman Austin Garrick was inspired to write the song by his grandfather, whose reference to Sullenberger as "a real human being and a real hero" became the song's refrain.

Sullenberger appeared as himself in a cameo role in the film Daddy's Home 2. Captain Sullenberger is not interviewed in the show, but is portrayed in reenactments by actor Christopher Britton.

President George H. Bush 's service dog Sully , who was assigned to Bush in mid after the death of Bush's wife Barbara , was named after Sullenberger.

Sully is featured in the pilot of the Fox cartoon series Duncanville. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American commercial airline pilot, safety expert and accident investigator.

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Provocarea de a construi un personaj inspirat de o persoana in viata nu e usoara, iar T. Hanks si A. Eckhart au fost cat se poate de credibili si naturali.

Seby10Cr7 pe 11 Decembrie Un film foarte bun. Imi plac filmele biografice si acesta este unul dintre preferatele mele din acest gen.

Nota 9. Face ce face Clint Eastwood si, in ciuda faptului ca anul acesta a implinit varsta de 86 de ani, continua sa regizeze filme care merita vazute de orice cinefil care se respecta.

Venerabilul Clint continua sa fie preocupat de eroul american anonim, preocupare inceputa cu doi ani inainte in "American sniper" si continuata acum cu acest impresionant "miracol" care a dus la salvarea a de vieti care pareaau ca si sortite pieirii.

Cel mai important aspect al filmului mi s-a parut a fi confruntarea dintre om si calculator, dintre omul aflat in mijlocul evenimentelor, care trebuie sa ia o hotarare cruciala in fractiuni de secunda, si birocratul care n-a fost in viata lui intr-o astfel de ipostaza si totusi isi permite sa dea o sentinta care poate distruge o cariera si viata unei familii.

Inca un rol foarte bun pentru Tom Hanks, nu-i exclus sa-l vedem nominalizat iarasi la Oscar. Deosebit de carismaticul si simpaticul Aaron Eckhart din acest film, il secondeaza cu brio intr-un rol secundar.

Ghemot pe 19 Septembrie Filmul este o realizare buna pentru ceea ce si-a propus, insa in opinia mea tintele pe care le-a vizat sunt prea putine.

Totodata, asemenea unui rau, are prea putini afluenti pentru a deveni un film mare. Daca urmariti seria "Dezastre in aer" de la NG, atunci veti avea un deja vu.

Complexitatea scenariului nu depaseste cu nimic unul din episoadele bune pe care le regasim in celebra serie. Filmul preamareste din nou capacitatea eroului de a lua cele mai bune decizii in conditii de stres de neimaginat, intr-o atmosfera, pusa in scena, prea relaxata.

Nu stiu de ce a trebuit ca filmul sa urmeze intocmai intamplarile adevarate. Daca-i film, atunci sa-l facem putin diferit, sa dam sansa privitorului sa fie surprins.

Altfel ramanem la NG. Un film bunicel. Lol, poate unii ne-am cam saturat de "libertati artistice", de "realitati" deformate, de oameni care nu sunt in stare sa sublinieze ineditul din adevaruri istorice.

Uneori realitatea e suficienta incat sa te surprinda si poate sa mai si inveti cate ceva. Fara cliffhangere, abureli si fara umplut ore de spatiu aiurea.

Sorin87 pe 16 Decembrie Faptul ca a fost inspirat din fapte reale m-a convins ca merita vazut filmul. Super bun!!! Recomand un film superb.

Tom Hanks foarte bine jucat si AAron a fost magistral. Click aici pentru a te autentifica. Liste cu Sully. Cele mai bune filme inspirate din biografii, fapte HBO 2 TV Postere Sully.

Tom Hanks Chesley 'Sully' Sullenberger. Laura Linney Lorraine Sullenberger. Autumn Reeser Tess Soza. On May 4, the NTSB issued its final report, which identified the probable cause as "the ingestion of large birds into each engine, which resulted in an almost total loss of thrust in both engines.

Contributing factors were good visibility and a fast response from the ferry operators and emergency responders. The report made 34 recommendations, including that engines be tested for resistance to bird strikes at low speeds; development of checklists for dual-engine failures at low altitude, and changes to checklist design in general "to minimize the risk of flight crewmembers becoming stuck in an inappropriate checklist or portion of a checklist"; improved pilot training for water landings; provision of life vests on all flights regardless of route, and changes to the locations of vests and other emergency equipment; research into improved wildlife management, and technical innovations on aircraft, to reduce bird strikes; research into possible changes in passenger brace positions ; and research into "methods of overcoming passengers' inattention" during preflight safety briefings.

Author and pilot William Langewiesche asserted that insufficient credit was given to the A's fly-by-wire design, by which the pilot uses a side-stick to make control inputs to the flight control computers.

The computers then impose adjustments and limits of their own to keep the plane stable, which the pilot cannot override even in an emergency.

This design allowed the pilots of Flight to concentrate on engine restart and deciding the course, without the burden of manually adjusting the glidepath to reduce the plane's rate of descent.

An NTSB board member called the ditching "the most successful These people knew what they were supposed to do and they did it and as a result, no lives were lost.

President George W. Bush said he was "inspired by the skill and heroism of the flight crew," and praised the emergency responders and volunteers.

The Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators awarded the crew the rarely bestowed Master's Medal on January 22, for outstanding aviation achievement, at the discretion of the Master of the Guild.

Present were members of the U. At the end of his final flight he was reunited with Skiles and a number of the passengers from Flight The ditching was recorded by several closed-circuit television cameras.

Television reports and documentaries produced soon afterwards contained extensive video of the ditching and rescue, and recorded interviews with the aircrew, passengers, rescuers, and other key participants.

These included:. Garrison Keillor honored the entire flight crew by writing a song and performing it on his show, A Prairie Home Companion.

The lyrics of the second verse describe the water landing and the survival of the passengers and crew, as well as alluding to the freezing river.

The Investigator-in-Charge Robert Benzon released a statement claiming that "Their treatment of the NTSB went very far beyond cinematic license into simple mean-spirited dishonesty.

The movie may actually be detrimental to aviation safety. Pilots involved in accidents will now expect harsh, unfair treatment by investigators.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Air traffic control audio from about time of bird strike until ditching long.

Play media. The reactions of all members of the crew, the split second decision making and the handling of this emergency and evacuation was "text book" and an example to us all.

To have safely executed this emergency ditching and evacuation, with the loss of no lives, is a heroic and unique aviation achievement.

A minor injury is defined as any injury that does not qualify as a fatal or serious injury. At the time of the accident its airframe had logged 16, flights totaling 25, flight hours; and the engines 19, and 26, hours.

The last " A Check " performed every flight hours was passed on December 6, , and the last C Check annual comprehensive inspection on April 19, US Airways Press release.

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January 17, USA Today. January 23,

Chesley «Sully» Sullenberger hat Menschen gerettet. Sein Urteil über die Boeing Max fällt vernichtend aus. Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, Pilot von US-Airways-Flug Mit einem dumpfen Knall beginnen an jenem Donnerstag die drei Minuten und. Chesley (Sully) Sullenberger, who safely glided a stricken US Airways jet onto the 'miracle on the Hudson' pilot Chesley Sullenberger and his wife Lorrie at. Clint Eastwood hat sich bei seinem auf wahren Begebenheiten beruhenden Luftfahrt-Drama „Sully“ sehr eng an die Fakten. Der neue «Sully»: Dieser russische Pilot rettete mit einer Crash-Landung Menschen. Die Luftfahrt hat einen neuen Helden. Kapitän Damir.

Sully Pilot Sagenhaftes Können oder eine glückliche Fehlentscheidung?

Zum einen hatte Chesley Sullenberger anders als im Film kaum Selbstzweifel an seiner hochgewagten Aktion, die am Ende positiv ausging. You can totally see it was Photoshoped. Source him!!!! People Of The World. Colorized Historical Photos. Alle sind beeindruckt, mit welcher Professionalität die Crew die Notsituation visit web page hat. Leserempfehlung Mother Teresa, the little woman who lived out love. Oktober Sie können aber schon zwischen einem ausgefallenen Computer und dem Komplettausfall von Flugzeugtriebwerken unterscheiden? Die Untersuchung soll nun aufklären, ob Sullenberger die Passagiere womöglich unnötig in Gefahr gebracht und das Flugzeug Bettchen Totalschaden ruiniert hat. Meinung Jean-Martin Visit web page. Die Sommerferien enden in gut zwei Wochen. Denn wenn einer sich in nicht vorhersehbaren Notfällen auskennt, MГјtter Sechs Chesley Sullenberger. Ein Triebwerk fing sofort Feuer, das andere stieg aus. Aktualisiert:


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